Label Unwinder/Rewinder Kit For An Epson C6500P

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The UWRW6500 Kit is made to work seamlessly with the Epson C6500P color inkjet label printer. The kit included the label unwinder that allows you to unwind a larger roll of labels for longer production runs with less changeover. This is a must option seeing that the Epson C6500 can only hold a 6" OD (outside diameter) roll of labels. This Unwinder allows you to use a 10" OD roll of labels. Also, in the kit is the label rewinder; this allows you re-roll your labels onto a core for easy distribution throughout your plant or gives you the ability to put the labels into an applicator or dispenser for more efficient product labeling. The last piece of the kit is the printer plate that connects the unwind and rewind unit to the printer, so everything stays in alignment with perfectly printed and rolled product labels.

See the video below.