PaladinID Bell-Mark EasyPrint Premium Wax-Resin Flexible Packaging Ribbons

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PaladinID Bell-Mark EasyPrint Premium Wax-Resin Flexible Packaging Ribbons

The clear winner in its class, this premium "General Purpose" wax/resin flexible packaging ribbon is your high quality, cost-effective choice for traditional flexible packaging applications. Crisp text, codes and graphics with excellent smudge and scratch resistance.

Whether you are printing on a poly bag or a metalized film used for a coffee manufacturer, our premium formula is our most versatile wax-resin formulation with proven results. Our premium formula works great under these types of conditions. This formula is a direct replacement for Videojet's premium formula and Markem's 3510 high grade formulation at a significantly lower price per roll. We also offer free samples of all our ribbons for testing. These ribbons are guaranteed to work in all flexible packaging printers from Videojet, Markem-Image, Bell Mark and FlexPackPro, etc.

The PaladinID flexible packaging wax/resin ribbons have a special backcoating the provides longer printhead life, saving you time and money on maintenance costs. These ribbons are made by the same company that produces the branded ribbons at a deep discount. Ask us about our printhead warranty program.


  • Crisp text, bar codes and graphics with excellent smudge and scratch resistance.
  • Cost-effective choice for traditional flexible wax/resin packaging ribbon applications
  • High quality, for extended printhead life
  • Prints at a lower darkness setting
  • Ask us about our printhead warranty program

Call 888.972.5234 or Email for ribbons samples. We have spent years perfecting the PaladinID flexible packaging wax/resin ribbons by working with our ribbon vendor to ensure that these ribbons are made to the highest quality and value for our customers. Give our flexible packaging wax/resin ribbons a try, you will be glad you did. We look forward to working with you.

We also carry a full line of flexible packaging printheads for virtually every printer on the market today.


  • FLEX Premium is a near-edge wax/resin ribbon. Our FLEX Premium is a general purpose TTO ribbon for high quality, cost effective, traditional flexible packaging applications.
  • This ribbon provides crisp text, bar codes, and graphics with very good smudge, scratch and abrasion resistance.
  • Recommended materials are coated papers and PE, PP. and PET films.
  • The Flex Premium is FDA listed and deemed food safe LGFB, FDA 21, CFR 175.300 and RoHS compliant 2002/95/EC.
Sample rolls available upon request.

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30mm x 600M, 6 rolls/case. Pricing is per case.

55mm x 800M, 6 rolls/case. Pricing is per case.

130mm x 800M, 6 rolls/case. Pricing is per case.

55mm x 600M, 6 rolls/case. Pricing is per case.

130mm x 600M, 6 rolls/case. Pricing is per case.

Premium general purpose

flexible packaging wax/resin ribbons

for high-quality, cost-effective applications. Need help in finding the right ribbon? Give us a call at 888.972.5234; we are here to help. Samples available upon request.
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