Printer Type Information

  • Industrial:  Label printers are made to work 24/7 and allow for the largest ribbon and label rolls.  Typically a 1,476’ ribbon and 8” OD (outer diameter) roll.
  • DeskTop:  Label printers are typically smaller and are used for a lighter workload of 4-6 hours a day.  The ribbons typically are 1,182’ or less and the labels have an 6” OD (outer diameter) roll.
  • Mobile:  Label printers are very small and only hold a short roll of ribbons and labels.  The ribbon length is typically 100’ and the labels have a 2-3” OD (outer diameter) roll.
  • Near-edge: A near-edge thermal transfer label printer is very similar to the standard flathead printers like (Zebra, Datamax, Sato, and Intermec), it is just a different technology.  It uses a different printhead and thermal transfer ribbons.  You are unable to use a standard thermal transfer ribbon with this printer.  Typically the ribbons are a wax/resin or full resin formulation.
  • PAX: A PAX printer is a printer that is integrated into a label applicator.  It uses the same standard thermal transfer ribbons, but allows you to use extended length ribbons up to 2,900 feet long.
  • Flexible Packaging: A flexible packaging printer utilizes a near-edge printhead and requires near-edge ribbons.  These ribbons come in various widths and extended lengths of up to 3,000 feet long.

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