PaladinID Intermec 4420 Series 203 DPI Replacement Printheads

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Did you know that we carry a wide assortment of Replacement Printheads?

PaladinID Intermec 4420 Series 203 DPI Replacement Printheads

PaladinID Intermec 4420 Series 203 DPI replacement printheads are made to the exact same standards as the OEM printheads at up to 40% of the cost.  We have been carrying these printheads for over 10 years and have had great results.  Most companies to not know they have an option of using a non-branded replacement printhead for their label printer.  These printheads offer 2X the manufacture’s warranty of 1,000,000 linear inches to a total of 2,000,000 linear inches.  They are a drop in replacement for your thermal transfer printer.  We are adding printheads to our online catalog quarterly, if you do not see your printer listed, please emailor call 888.972.5234 and will be happy to help you.

With 2X the warranty, up to a 40% savings over OEM, why not give them a try!

PaladinID’s commitment to saving you time and money, while ensuring your product labels maintain the highest level of quality, accuracy, and consistency is what differentiates us from the competition. PaladinID has created and supported high-performance labeling solutions in many diverse fields all over the world. If you have any questions or need additional information, please email or give us a call at 888.972.5234, we are here to help.